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Advanced Laser Solutions

 is your source for:

  • CAM2000s CAD/CAM Software for programming Lasers, Plasma, Waterjet, and Turret Presses. An economical programming solution that you purchase and OWN. No yearly subscription fees to keep your software running. Auto nesting (True Shape Nesting) is included at no additional cost.

  • Programmer Training from a professional with over 35 years of experience programming NC/CNC Equipment for the sheet metal industry, and who set up and operated the original training program for LVD’s Laser Division in North America. Installation, Training, and Support can be done completely online to keep costs to a minimum.

  • Laser Operator Training for LVD and Amada Lasers from the first Applications Engineer hired by LVD in North America.

  • Dial in Laser Cutting Techs (Cut Conditions) to maximize productivity.

  • Consultation Services.

  • Contract Programming to help with large projects.

  • Laser Parts and Service.

  • Fanuc Turbo Blower replacements and Refurbished Fanuc Power Supplies in stock.

  • Used/Refurbished Laser Equipment.

  • New Metalworking Equipment.

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